Your home is the Center, but the Spotlight is on You.

Over 10 years of experience managing the most advanced homes in Israel.
Your security. Your Experiences. Your Dreams.

Your home.

Our mission.

Here at CERVUS you can forget about the concerns associated with maintaining a home and make time for what’s really important. Live. Enjoy. Love. Plant. Eat. Grow. Dream. In your home.

360 Plus

All in One Place - system maintenance, repairs, housekeeping, residents reporting system and no concerns.


A transparent business model, without fees, ensuring the protection of the property, our customers’ money and interests.


Our professionals are carefully selected and are meticulously chosen, ensuring high quality and a fair price.


A living experience that puts an emphasis on energetic innovation and smart systems alongside concierge services at a high standard.


24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Now, not later. Always, and not sometimes. We are here for you.

Home systems


We will look after your home and establish a regular program of routine treatments and periodic efficiency checks, and provide supervision and consulting services on all systems - electricity, air-conditioning, heating, plumbing, fire-safety and more, using the best professionals on the market. With our personal and professional response, and an advanced digital reporting platform, we guarantee your continued enjoyment from your home.



We will find permanent housekeeping employees for you, ensuring quality placement and professional guidance of the employee. We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit and train the highest quality, most reliable, and efficient personnel for our clients, especially tailored to the personality of the home, and to the unique needs and lifestyle of its occupants. We address all your security, cleaning, landscaping and other needs, while maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

Innovation residence

and concierge

We will help you enjoy a cutting-edge living experience and ensure that the smart home systems are compatible with your lifestyle. We will suggest and implement smart solutions that will economize your water and electricity consumption. Along with the technological advancement, we can offer you individualized luxury experiences through our concierge services, such as chef services, hosting, special procurement, medical services, lifestyle and more. Anything missing? Just let us know - we’ll take care of it!

Over 10 years of experience in residential building in some of the leading architectural projects management
in Israel

With years of experience and knowledge in managing luxury properties and residential buildings created by prominent architects and interior designers in Israel, CERVUS offers its clients an innovative standard of advanced living experience, with the best and most reliable professionals, specializing in smart homes and smart energy systems and tailor-made concierge services.


“Home is where your story begins.”


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